Chen Gang 陳鋼 – Sunshine Over Tashkurgan 陽光照耀著塔什庫爾幹 | Strauss Shi, Allison Freeman

Violinist Strauss Shi, joined by pianist Allison Freeman, performs Chen Gang’s “Sunshine Overt Tashkurgan” at the first Heifetz Ensemble in Residence [HEIR] concert of Spring 2022.

Chen Gang is best known in the West for his violin concerto “The Butterfly Lovers,” played memorably at the Heifetz Institute by Ji-Won Song & Beilin Han. (Link:

Composed in 1976, “Sunshine,” is similarly based on Chinese folkore.
Via TedX: “This work came out of the musical materials of The Tajik ethnic group in Xinjiang, China, along with the unique and strong ethnic customs. The first part, “Singing heartily”, presents the vast and beautiful grassland scenery and the scene of herdsmen riding on horses and singing with strings. The second part, “Dancing enthusiastically”, gives full play to the complex, changeable, agile and flexible skills and shows the jubilant dancing of the Tajik people.”It is one of the most frequently performed violin showpieces in China.

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