Maurizio Pollini, De main de maître: A unique portrait of the talented Italian pianist

From Claudio Abbado to Pierre Boulez, from Bach to Verdi to Schoenberg, Nono and Stockhausen: A musical profile of the important milestones in his career, the musicians he has known and his varied repertoire.

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There were several compelling reasons to make a film portrait of Maurizio Pollini: his immense talent as a pianist, his rare personality, his affability, intelligence and the desire he himself expressed to submit to this exercise for the very first time— probably because at the age of over 70, he felt that it was time to consent to a film portrait.

Based on an extended interview, the film also includes archival footage and excerpts from concerts and documentaries.

Original title: Maurizio Pollini, De main de maître – A musical profile of the famous pianist
Directed by Bruno Monsaingeon, 2014.