The End Of Evangelion in 5 Minutes (LIVE ACTION) (Sweded) – Mega64

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The most world-ending anime film of all time, THE END OF EVANGELION is remade in mindblowing live action for the first time ever. Homemade (sweded) for Maximum Third Impact Efficiency.
Having just killed the Final Angel, his only friend, Shinji is lost and without direction. However, the shadowed SEELE organization has escalated their plans to begin THIRD IMPACT by their own means… which are not in line with Gendo and NERV. Will Shinji rise to the occasion and stop the end of the world? Or will he just mope a lot and get everyone real mad?
Watch in 4K where possible.


Shawn Chatfield as Shinji Ikari
Rocco Botte as Gendo Ikari
Derrick Acosta as Stunned Guard
Mariel Kinuko Cartwright as Rei
Sara Brown as Misato
Nicole Arthur as Asuka
Tiffany Grant as Asuka’s Mom
Kevin Bushong, Rachel Bushong as NERV Staff
Johnny Weiss as Pen-Pen
Garrett Hunter as Kaworu
Tyson Hesse as Kaji
Kassidy King as Ritsuko
And featuring Matthew Watson & Ryan Magee (SuperMega), SungWon Cho (ProZD), PJ Liguori (KickThePJ), Brian Altano, and Kevin Perjurer (Defunctland) as SEELE

“Jesus bleibet meine Freude” and “Expansion Of Blockade” covers performed by TheFragrance99:

*Five minutes applies to each “episode” within the film (25′ and 26′) which are put together into this one video, mathematically invalidating any comments about the runtime

Special thanks to Hideaki Anno
This is a work of parody, is not official, and is entirely made by hand with love by MEGA64, INC.