The Concert to The 77th Anniversary of The End of The Siege of Leningrad | Baklykov. Live IRL

Unique concert dedicated to the 77th Anniversary of The End of The Siege of Leningrad performed by St Petersburg State Academic Symphony Orchestra.

It is unique for the reason it is completely consisted of the works of Leningrad composers who went through the terrible days of the Siege of Leningrad and for whom the military theme became of the central subjects in their music creature.

Boris Goltz – Six preludes from the series “24 Piano Preludes”
Yuri Kochurov – Melody for Piano and Violin
Israel Filkenshtein – Aria for Cello and Piano
Vladimir Scherbachyov – Suite for String Quartet from “Peter The First” OST
Orest Evlakhov – Leningrad Notepad (arranged by V. Sapozhnikov)
Georgy Sviridov – Music For Chamber Orchestra
Valery Gavrilin – Waltz from the “House Next to The Road” movie
Reinhold Glier – Hymn to the Great City from “The Bronze Horseman” ballet

St Petersburg State Academic Symphony Orchestra
Piano: Ivan Alexandrov
Conductor: Igor Tomashevsky

Beloselsky Belozersky Palace
St Petersburg, Russia

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