Anne-Sophie Mutter: The Many Faces of an Outstanding Violinist

In this exclusive interview, famous violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter speaks openly about her private life, her career, Herbert von Karajan, film scores, John Williams, her foundation, the music industry and the coronavirus crisis.

Anne-Sophie Mutter says she is lucky to have had such a fulfilling profession where she is able to do exactly what she loves. Mutter is very critical about the restrictions imposed on the music world during the coronavirus crisis: She finds it simply outrageous. The decision-makers apparently lack awareness of how many jobs depend on the music industry and how important it is for the economy. Anne-Sophie Mutter herself invests all her prize money into the foundation with which she supports emerging talent. In light of the many benefit concerts being organized by musicians, the notion of “artist’s selfishness” simply does not exist.

Legendary conductor Herbert von Karajan was instrumental in Mutter’s career. He did more than support her and open doors to the grand musical world. She also learned her work ethic from him.

Musically, despite her many years of experience, she is always discovering new things, such as “Hedwig’s Theme” from the film score for “Harry Potter”. Only upon careful examination of this piece does John Williams’ refined compositional technique reveal itself.

Privately, Anne-Sophie Mutter loves to hike and enjoys many simple pleasures. But the greatest happiness for the musician is playing the violin – with others and for others. She loves doing this most of all when her own children are in the audience.

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