Classical Musicians “React” to Evangelion!

A discussion about how Evangelion’s use of classical music can be interpreted. A lot of folks seem to miss the music-based content we used to do so here we go, hopefully we can do more if YouTube Content ID allows us. Obvious spoiler warning for a show that’s almost 25 years old. Big thank you to MiGuo (@_MiGuo) for joining us and narrating/helping write this video using her musical knowledge and expertise.

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Edited & co-written by Abhi (
Narrated & co-written by Mi Guo (
Additional narration by Eric (
Cartoon Cipher visual assets by @jermacattack
End-screen/Screensaver/ Thumbnail visuals by @MrNiesGuy

List of some films that use classical music
The different eras of “Classical Music”:
Beethoven’s Ninth as a revolutionary anthem:
Ode to Joy lyrics:

Additional footage:
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Pithoprakta graphical score:
Yo Yo Ma Bach Cello Suite:
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