Hey everybody! I took an audition for the San Francisco Symphony this Summer and did well but did not get hired. These auditions are very tough, not only for the people auditioning but the judges as well. Congrats to everybody who participated in the audition and best of luck. That being said, I’m happy with my progress and wanted to share. Hope you enjoy, please like and subscribe.

0:00Bach Bouree 3rd suite
1:47Lieutenant Kijé
2:27Mendelssohn 4th Symphony 1st Movement
5:11Mendelssohn 4th Symphony 4th Movement
7:20Mozart Symphony 35 4th Movement
11:27 Mozart Symphony 40 1st Movement
12:41 Mozart Symphony 40 4th Movement
14:27 Schoenberg Kammersymphonie
15:41 Schubert Great Symphony 3rd Movement
16:25 Strauss Ein Heldenleben
20:14 Stravinsky Pulcinella
21:19 Bottesini 2nd Concerto 1st Movement Exposition
22:59 Shostakovich 15th Symphony 2nd Movement
23:34 Haydn 31 Hornsignal
24:13 Schoenberg Kammersymphonie
26:06 Ginastera Variaciones Concertantes
28:08 Beethoven 5th Symphony 3rd Movement