Itzhak Perlman: J.S. Bach – Partita in D Minor, BWV 1004

Live recording from Saint John’s Smith Square, London (1978)
Itzhak Perlman – violin

Johann Sebastian Bach – Partita in D Minor, BWV 1004

1:03 Allemande
4:34 Courante
6:36 Sarabande
11:00 Gigue
13:50 Chaconne

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Christopher Nupen about the performance:
“A memorable performance of the Bach partita, shot live at a public concert in London which helped us to learn that there is almost always a depth to live performance on film that is frequently missing from studio performances. […] The partita in D minor partita BWV 1004 includes the great chaconne, one of the towering masterpieces of Western music.”

An Allegro Film by Christopher Nupen